Lavender essential oil has been my go to reliever for many ailments. I have used it to decompress and sleep to relieving toothache pain. Its natural medicinal qualities are amazing. The first time that I found out about its natural pain relieving attributes was during making products for Raquel. I had been heating beeswax and burned my arm. I read an article that described how to apply the Lavender essential oil to the burn. It was a simple first degree burn with only a slight redness the size of a dime. I applied the lavender and was surprised at how immediately the pain subsided. Although I was glad at this development. I completely ignored its benefit due to my heavy schedule and complete focus on work.

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Soon I would realize that Lavender would become an essential staple of my daily routine. As stated before my schedule is very busy and I often work into late into the night. Recently, I felt the need to de-stress. I had little sleep and was looking to relax in a hot bath as a stress reliever. I read another article regarding Lavender bath salts and made a small batch of lavender salts to add to my hot bath water. The experience was therapeutic and relaxing. I decided to try it in a recipe that allowed for 2mg of Lavender essential oil mixed with hot water in a spray bottle. The mixture when sprayed on pillows and sheets allow for you to sleep peacefully. I continue to be amazed at its natural medicinal qualities. It truly is amazing! I have bought Lavender flowers to use in my recipes and now I will be adding Lavender lotion bars to the store that mimics the love lotion bars. The lotion bars when applied to the skin melt upon contact. They are small and tiny bars, but can be made at any size for use. I love them. I will be adding other ingredients to the bars with different scents for men and women, but I must admit they are my favorite in terms of providing moisture to dry skin.

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Lastly, my recent experience with a toothache sold me forever on Lavender. I usually use tea tree oil with a mixture of toothpaste to relieve pain. However, in the event the pain is too agonizing I will use Ibuprofen. I am not a proponent or believer in medication at all! I do not like taking medication of any sort. I have worked in the hospital with patients at one time of my life and have many reasons as to why I feel this way. For example, while working with elderly patients many times they would have medications for a host of ailments. The patient would often be on over no less than seven different medications. This caused falls and lack of equilibrium. This is one reason why I am not an advocate of pharmacology, but anyways I was in the kitchen and for some odd reason the Lavender essential oil fell out of my cabinet. It was strange, because I wasn’t moving anything on the shelf it was on. I began working on my computer shortly after and decided to look up Lavender toothache. Lo and behold I found that applying the Lavender essential oil to the skin around the mouth where the pain is or direct application would relieve the symptoms until you are able to visit the dentist. It was just as described! Immediately, I felt the impact of using the Lavender! I also found several scientific research studies describing how Lavender killed E-coli and other bacteria. It is truly amazing. I will be adding more products to the store in the next coming days, but be sure to try the Lush Lavender Lotion Bars. Also, I will make some small bottles of lavender sprays to send with your packages.

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