You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.

Have you ever experienced highly reflective moments in which you analyze every detail of life? Well, that has been the current theme as of late. The most that I have wished to take from it is the ability to move positively into the place in which I have learned something of great value to myself and others. Of course, during these moments we have feelings of negativity towards various situations, but its important in my perspective to stay positive at all costs. No matter what is occurring its possible to surpass any situation.

The last few weeks have been fruitful in terms of finding my own pathway towards peace and serenity. That may involve various emotions, but always its productive. I’ve found more information following my “intuitive” gifts a long the way. I have been busy improvising on the various body butters and found these beautiful Rose Quartz crystals. I was immediately drawn to their beauty and the unique vibe I felt when looking at it. So, I decided to stock a few in the store just in case anyone wanted to try it and if they felt that same “vibe” I felt while viewing it.

During my research I have found that these crystals have been known to provide certain “healing” powers to the wearer. However, a cursory search on Health Line indicates that there is no “scientific evidence” that this is true. It doesn’t matter I do feel a certain loving vibe with this stone. Its just a unique feeling of euphoria and a natural sense of love.

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Thinking about my favorite colors of which one is pink I do feel that colors have some bearing on your mood. I mean if you’re wearing a lighter color you may have different feelings or vibrations rather than with darker colors. Even if we consider summer colors what colors do you naturally think of? I think pink, light blues, turquoise anything associated with the sea. So, color does have some impact on moods in some ways.

Anyway, enjoy the new cuffs or natural products that will be premiering in the store along with products from small business owners that produce natural soaps and other jewelry for the entire family. Keep the Good Vibes always.


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