Value of Jewelry

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Value of Jewelry

It’s important to get the correct sizing for your jewelry. Especially, if you will be wearing your pieces on a daily basis.

Gold jewelry is a great investment in terms of value in the long-term. Most people are familiar with the value of investing in the stock market and many long-term investors hedge their portfolios with gold. The value of your gold jewelry as a gift, investment or family heirloom has significant value well into the future.

Intricate value derived from service.


Searching for the perfect piece of jewelry is a personal and intricate affair. Finding the right piece that appeals to you and offers the most value is of utmost importance. Raquel Roche’s diamonds are genuine and are of great quality. We offer a warranty to protect your investment.

We also offer the ability to customize your jewelry pieces through engraving services. The entire process of customization will extend shipping by 2-7 days. Contact us to discover your next jewelry pieces today.

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