Splurge Out Saturday

Splurge Out Saturday

These lashes are divine. We’re adding a new dimension to the store this week with the exhibition of these lashes to our customers. Most times I want a bold look whether its in jewelry, clothing or accessories and these lashes fit the bill. The beauty is in the quality and long-lasting appeal of each product for buying purposes.

There are several kinds that we are starting out with each named accordingly providing a different look based upon your personal preference. The idea is to ice out your look with whatever you are feeling for the day. If you’re seeking bold and beautiful these lashes are it. The hair that’s coming in is awesome. The deep wave 22″ 180 density is perfect! I love it!! Yes. Try all the styles is my personal preference. Take a moment to view changes in skincare with the premiere of our sugar scrubs and new men beard oil at the beginning of next week. Until then enjoy the weekend and relax.

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