Relaxing in Chaos (or seemingly chaos).

Relaxing in Chaos (or seemingly chaos).

In California the weather has been absolutely stunning. It was the most beautiful day ever! The sun was shining and people (despite wearing masks) were in good spirits. The mood and vibe was very appealing. Like at the moments during Spring season when you feel like everything is brand new. It was awesome. My first thought was to run to the beach and enjoy the waves. Its in my category of best places on earth- the ocean waves that is. Anyway, I stumbled across this denim dress for the weather and had to get it for Raquel Roche’. Its like a throwback from the 90’s era with that late 80’s appeal to denim.

I love these types of dresses. Its one you can dress up or down with the right accessories or shoes to give it added appeal. If you want to see our newest items don’t forget to shop our streetwear collections where we add new items to the shop in fashion wear.

Also, skincare will have some new additions coming up next week that will preview CBD by popular request. Our new men’s beard oil will be featured in the next blog with some videos showcasing its unique qualities. Until next time. Oh, and that “chaos” theme is happy chaos like a reminder how life is good no matter what is happening in the world. We’re all blessed.

Good Vibes Forever

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