Women are fundamental gifts to our society. They are our mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters and aunts. Women are the bedrocks of stability. It’s so easy to take for granted how challenging it is to be a woman and to hold down different elements of our lives in perfect balance, but women in all walks of life do this daily.

A recent article detailed that women are leaving the business world in significant numbers due to the pandemic. It’s so important to show them that we support them in their dreams and endeavors. Every small gesture would make a positive impact for every woman we encounter. That is the challenge that will be the primary goal of Raquel Roche’ Boutique is giving back and supporting the causes that we believe in. Daily. One step at a time through every interaction.

I’m reminded of the fact that the most impactful family members were both my grandmothers (two generations) paternal and maternal. They are significant to my ideals and how I have grown as a woman. I am forever in their debt and to future leaders of women in our family.

Finally, there are so many women that I am challenged by daily through their stories of endurance and perseverance. Let’s celebrate them on this great day.

All Love

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