We’re all stuck in the house for the pandemic. Of course, we can go out to congregate amongst the masses of people and hang out, but its with caution that we do so considering the health implications. The social distancing element certainly adds a new “vibe” to “hanging” out. It doesn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and utilizing this time to pamper ourselves. How? We can raise our spirits with a new look or a nice item like pajamas to lounge around the house in. How do I raise my level? I draw motivation from music, looking at positive posts on social media and of course buying hair!!


This new Deep Wave wig listed on Raquel Roche’s site is awesome. I bought it and installed the same day. The curls had the right look that I was looking for and also I LOVE thick tresses so I opted for the 180% density. The net fit nicely without a lot of adjustment which was a huge plus especially for larger heads hunnies. The feel of the curls are soft to the touch and the look is natural compared to countless other brands I have tried before. Its definitely my go to for everyday wear. I love it.


My ultimate review of this wig is utterly in love. I have washed it and bathed in our lovely homemade bath salts mixed with roses. I have whipped my hair around countless times and every time this hair has performed above my expectations. Loving the look and feel of this. Until later. Let’s pamper ourselves.

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