Raquel Plush Gold

Raquel Plush Gold

The luxurious feel of soft silky tresses available at Raquel Roche’ and Plush Figure. Take your hair goals to the next level with our new product line featuring Silky Deep Wave and Body Wave Tresses for the elegant tastes of all boss women. Find it this week premiering in both stores. 


Are you looking to enhance your eyelashes look for the beautiful new lashes we have at Plush Figure. Its so amazing to pamper ourselves during this pandemic and this was the best way forward to keeping up on our style goals whether at the computer on a quick Zoom call or out flexing at the beach. Whatever your aims you will love this lashes. The new beauty lines at Plush Figure and Raquel Roche’ have really been pure quality in line with what we wanted to showcase to our customers. So try it out? Why not make it the best day possible? What are the amazing features of these new lashes?

  • Double and Triple layered.
  • Boss style looks with sexy hold.
  • Ultimate in lash game.

Silky Deep Wave



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Silky Flowing Tresses @raquelrocheboutique

Photographer: © Tommyandone

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