Plush Figure’s new handmade soaps are delightful. Each soap is cold pressed and uses essential oils made with natural lavender and other oils. It simply provides me the most moisture to my skin. Since, making these products I have not reverted back to any other store bought soaps or lotions. There is simply too many benefits to using this natural soap.


Since the beginning of the pandemic it has become apparent to me how often during daily life I have neglected the basic necessities such as eating properly and being cognizant of the materials that are being used in my daily products. I have followed many on social media that have provided an excellent outlook and perspective to help me come to terms with living life in a much more balanced way physically and the “Health is wealth” tag has stayed with me. Of course, I am still learning just as everyone else, but its important that I not only learn, but implement my new outlook in my daily life. My first foray into this realm has been in creating new skincare products and its been fantastic! I am learning so much about natural herbs and their health benefits to our bodies. The herbs that were most appealing to me were lavender and rosemary. These have offered me a relaxation and overall comfort in my nightly bedtime routines.


As stated before I have been like a mad scientist creating various skincare products in pursuit of finding the most perfect mix. The Rosemary herbs and oils provide natural benefits such as protection from free radicals, natural source of antioxidants and most importantly its a natural boost to your immune system. Free radicals are atoms that can cause damage to our body’s cells and are one of the most prevalent causes of cancer. It can come from foods that are eaten or we can come in contact with environmental factors that expose us to these chemicals. Rosemary is one herb that is a natural protectant and I have been using it and loving the feel and scent when used in my soaps and lotions.


Homemade skin care and body scrub with natural ingredients

My health journey is a work in progress and I vow to do all that I can to constantly improve daily. I want to be an example for my family and most importantly myself in my daily progress. I am making the moves necessary and these new products are taking my goals to the next level. I’m really excited about launching them on the store’s site with Raquel and Plush Figure. Many have tried the lotions, soaps and beard oil and loved the feel its provided to their skin and hair. Its an awesome touch to be able to improvise and tweak each product line with new ingredients that provide extra benefits to our customers. Try it and comment on how you feel about it.

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