The new Midnight Wonder beard oil is the best in oil based products for men. I wanted to make something that would appeal to men and provide the moisture to their beards. This new blend with jojoba oil and other ingredients is a great product for men that want to moisturize the hair and skin. Several clients have used it for both and report that the oil is amazing! It has a nice light cool water scent to it and is not overly oily preventing the need to worry about its base being “too oily”. Also, it melts into the skin upon contact and provides a natural base for hair growth as well.


I have always felt that men want to be pampered and catered too. They deserve it just like women. The fashion and beauty industry is mostly in my subjective opinion geared towards women. So I wanted to tap into this void and provide a base of products that would appeal to men and allow them to have their day of relaxation as well. Stay on the lookout for more products that will provide a unique experience for the man in your life.

Drop us a line or comment if you wish to learn more. Better yet buy it @plushfigure or @raquelroche

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